Culture Shock Essay | Essay About Culture Shock Its and Stages and Experience 700 Words (2022)

Culture Shock Essay: Culture shock refers to the impact one has to experience when moving from their known country, culture, family, and friends to live in another country and social environment that is unfamiliar. This impact includes feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion. It is also a kind of disturbance a person may feel when going through an unfamiliar way of lifestyle due to immigration or a visit to a new country. Even the most open-minded people and travelers face culture shock when moving between different cultural environments. Being exposed to a different language, weather, people, and an entirely new culture can be both an uncomfortable and overwhelming experience.

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Long Essay on Culture Shock

Positive impacts

Culture shock doesn’t seem to be a pleasant experience when someone has to struggle to make himself fit into a new environment which is really tough. But as time passes, it can provide a powerful and positive impact on one’s life. Exposure to a new culture is a very positive thing, especially for young people. It gives the opportunity to learn how to adapt, interact and present yourself within an entirely new culture, and thus develop a global mindset. Culture shock can have several benefits that are described as follows:

Breaks the routine

We often get stagnant in our daily ways of doing things. Travel to a new country can change many aspects of that daily routine and break the monotony. You might find that timings, meals, recreation activities, or social interactions are quite different from what you’re used to. If you’re flexible enough to adapt to these changes, then you will enjoy the experience of finding a new place and culture. The break from the daily routine can broaden the horizons by knowing what you might do differently.

Builds self-confidence

When you are in a new country, you will initially face a lot of difficulties but you can also learn from them. Gradually you will be able to communicate by building your language skills and getting along with others. In the long run, you become more self-confident and satisfied as you keep on overcoming the challenges. An unfamiliar environment can be uncomfortable but those situations shape your personality by helping you discover your capabilities to handle stressful situations.

Make new friends and community

As you step into the new institution or community, initially all may seem strangers but gradually they become friends. In the early stages of culture shock, people often feel lonely and confused as they try to adjust to a new environment. But you will be able to break down cultural boundaries and find new friends in the office, college, and neighborhood. You may come across people from different parts of the world, who may be eager to host you on a visit to their home country. Meeting people with different outlooks, backgrounds, and experiences can develop you into a more open-minded individual. It may also open doors of opportunities for you in other parts of the world that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.

Keeps on learning

Being in a foreign country, you will be constantly exposed to new people, places and ideas. You can learn about new styles of dance, music, art forms, foreign histories, foods, fashion and so much more. This can lead to new hobbies and interests that help you connect to that place and culture. You get to know about new concepts and ideas that really come to influence your personality. Learning a foreign language becomes easier when you fit yourself in a new culture which is not possible otherwise. Learning a new language will also help to think differently as well.


In the early stages of culture shock, it may seem very difficult to adjust to daily life in your new community. But with time, you become comfortable with your new routine and the company of other people in your community. Traveling to a foreign country is one of the best ways to step outside your monotonous life. The fear of facing unfamiliar situations holds many people from stepping out of their comfort zone. When you reach a new country, you will have the opportunity to see and experience things that you were longing for, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere that you can’t do in your home country. Exploring a new culture by discovering its culture and traditions, trying new foods and dresses, and learning about the history not only enriches your knowledge but also adds valuable life experience that you will remember till old age.

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Short Essay on Culture Shock

Culture shock is experienced by people when moving to a new country or city that has completely different cultural and social surroundings as compared to the present one. Culture shock can occur when people move to a new place for different reasons, be it on vacation, traveling, studying or doing jobs abroad. People often get the feeling of disorientation when they move to a new environment and face difficulties while trying to adjust. However, experiencing culture shock helps to shape one’s personality significantly by teaching how to build confidence and adaptability, handle periods of loneliness and unfamiliarity, and remain strong when they are facing vulnerability.

How to overcome Culture Shock?

Efforts must be taken from both sides to help adapt to the new cultural and social environment. Some of the ways are to learn the local language, learn about the local food, customs, and practices. Moreover, patient and helpful behavior from people in the community during the initial periods of adjustments can help the newcomer to feel more comfortable and confident. Both should realize that adjusting to a new environment takes time. Once a person accepts the difference and acknowledges it, then the process of integration becomes easier. Therefore mutual respect and tolerance must be maintained among them. The best way to overcome cultural shock is to start learning about the new culture before moving there. Always try to focus on the positive aspects of the new experiences and learning. Keep an open mind and avoid comparisons. Find ways to relieve stress and socialize with friends and colleagues. By acknowledging the difference and respecting the diversity, the effect of cultural shock can be avoided to a great extent.


Experiencing culture shock has a positive long-term impact if you are ready to face the initial hurdles with perseverance and confidence. It teaches us the valuable lesson that despite our differences in cultures, languages, and ethnicities, we can connect to each other. We all share similar aspirations to find love, enjoy what we do, protect our family, and earn a good living. The culture shock truly reinforces the idea that we all share the same human experience in this beautiful world.

FAQ’s on Culture Shock Essay

Question 1.
How does culture shock influence young adults positively?

Young people have the mindset to accept and adjust to new ideas so a culture shock can help to build their self-confidence and independent attitude.

Question 2.
How to avoid culture shock?

An acceptance of difference and diversity in cultural and social environments between countries help to avoid the initial impact of culture shock.

Question 3.
What are the reasons for experiencing culture shock?

Culture shock is experienced out of anxiety, uncertainty, and confusion when someone moves from one country to another with a completely different cultural setup.

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